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Getting a license for a computer with no internet 

Ed Kuzemchak
Ed Kuzemchak
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The licensing process for FlashBurn requires one-time access to the internet to obtain a Software Key. If the computer running FlashBurn has internet access, this is one simple step in the License Manager.

The SDS License Manager program has a button marked 'Obtain License via the Web' which redirects to the SDS web site and provides a license key for the serial number of software for the given computer.

If your computer running FlashBurn is not connected to the internet, the following process can be used:
  • On the computer running FlashBurn: Install the product and run the License Manager program. Write down the Serial Number for the product (20 alphanumeric digits)

  • On any internet-connected computer: Visit the SDS licensing URL: This will require logging in with your username and password. Enter the serial number obtained in Step 1 above and press [Get License Key]. Write down the displayed Software Key (16 alphanumeric digits)

  • On the computer running FlashBurn: Enter the 16 digit Software Key into the SDS License Manager application and press Apply
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