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Moving FlashBurn to a different computer 

Ed Kuzemchak
Ed Kuzemchak
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FlashBurn 3.x and Flashburn 4.x are node licensed to a specific computer. If you need to move FlashBurn to a different computer, you can deactivate your current license and make it available for use on a different computer as follows:
  • Sign in and select the 'My Licenses' link under your username
  • In the My Licenses page, select the license for FlashBurn and click the 'Deactivate' button
  • Install FlashBurn on your new computer and obtain the license key for the new computer

You will be asked to verify that you are no longer using FlashBurn on the original computer, to meet the terms of the license agreement.

If you have recently deactivated your license, you will not be able to deactivate again. Simply send email to for assistance.
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