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Diagnosing FlashBurn 4 communication failures 

Ed Kuzemchak
Ed Kuzemchak
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Verify Communications using Code Composer
FlashBurn uses parts of Code Composer Studio to communicate to the target hardware. The first thing to check is that Code Composer Studio can download and run a simple application on the target hardware. This will ensure that the emulation drivers are properly installed and the hardware is working.

Direct Connection with FlashBurn
For FlashBurn using Direct Connection, verify that the target configuration chosen in FlashBurn does work with Code Composer Studion on a computer that contains Code Composer Studio.

Follow the document 'Setting up FlashBurn for Direct Connection' to set up FlashBurn for use with Direct Connection.

Collecting and Sending Logging iInformation
If FlashBurn reports an error in target communication, it may be helpful to collect logging information and send that to

To collect logging information, follow these steps:

  • Locate the file 'FlashBurnGUI.ini' in the directory where the FlashBurn executable is installed. On Windows 7, this is normally C:\Program Files (x86)\SoftwareDesignSolutions\Flashburn 4.

  • Edit the FlashBurnGUI.ini file in a text editor such as Notepad. Remove the # characters from the lines 2 and 3

The, start FlashBurn. The file 'FlashBurn.log' will be created in the same directory as FlashBurnGUI.ini. That file may provide some insight as to the problem. Send the file over to SDS, and we can assist.
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