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FlashBurn v4 Maintenance and Renewal 

Ed Kuzemchak
Ed Kuzemchak
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The purchase of FlashBurn v4 includes one year of maintenance. Maintenance includes:
  • Email support on the operation of FlashBurn v4
  • Easy move of licenses using the My License page
  • Updates to new versions of FlashBurn v4 as soon as they are available

As your maintenance nears expiration, it is recommended to renew the FlashBurn 4 maintenance, which may be renewed at $99/yr per license. Simply go to the My Licenses page and select 'Renew Maintenance'.

Users with multiple licenses of FlashBurn v4 have only one maintenance renewal date. Renewal is done for all licenses in sync. Purchasing a new copy of FlashBurn v4 will renew all the existing licenses for one year at no cost!
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